Wander around NEW YORK CITY by NIGHT in the RAIN in 4K UltraHD60. We see the Empire State Building all lit up, Grand Central in full glory and get a glimpse of the Chrysler Building. Enjoy the wet city streets, city lights reflecting in the puddles and the noises of the Big Apple by night. City sights and sounds of the Big Apple by night in the rain. Watch and listen to traffic noise and white noise. Ideal to relax, calm down or fall asleep with. Explore, travel or just sit back and walk through the City to Grand Central and see the Empire State Building

We are happy to share our experience with you with this amazing 4k UltraHD video.  WanderlustVana shoots all their video footage themselves and use no video stock footage. Hope this enable the nirvana of the wanderlust!

Please enjoy and do not forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

— WanderlustVana Team

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