Come along on our virtual city walk of the famous Monkey Forest Road in Ubud Bali. We start our walk at the monkey forest, see some monkeys and then turn into the shopping street and end at the Ubud Palace for a real Balinese experience.

Enjoy the sounds and sights of Bali and feed your wanderlust. The Monkey Forest Road is one of the three roads that lead up to the main Ubud Road, famous for the Saraswati Temple and the Ubud Palace. Of course we will upload walks of the other streets as well (Bisma and Hanuman road) as well as Ubud road.

At the base of the Monkey Forest Road lies the famous Monkey Forest, a nature park with temple most well-known for large amount of naughty monkeys. At the beginning of our walk you can see the big sign with guidelines to safely enjoy the grounds. Enjoy another video of ours in #4KUltraHD.

Walk along and look at the shops and cafes as if you were there.

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— WanderlustVana Team

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