Stunning virtual walk of the Campuhan Ridge in #Ubud Bali. We walked from Ubud to the village and we are taking you along to enjoy the stunning views, beautiful temple and lush nature. Enjoy the sounds of Bali and feed your wanderlust. The Campuhan ridge is an elevated nature trail created by two rivers that meet in Ubud. At the beginning of the nature trail, in Ubud, you are welcomed by a beautiful temple. We take you through lush vegetation, climb steps and hike until we come to the open and you can admire the beautiful view of the landscape of Bali. We end our walk with the gates of the village. Enjoy another video of ours in #4KUltraHD. Wander around this sacred mountain enjoy the views. Listen to the bird songs, crickets, raging rivers and feel immersed in Bali’s beautiful nature with ambient sounds for deep sleep and to destress. Thank you for watching and being part of our journey. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did filming it. We film all our content on location. Please enjoy and do not forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel here for more incredible content to discover your wanderlust.. — WanderlustVana Team

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